About Kelly Robbins

Kelly Robbins Marketing CoachHi I’m Kelly Robbins, MA.
Entrepreneur. Marketing Coach. Writer.

I started my first business as a freelance copywriter back in 2000 when my third daughter was born. Over the last 15 years my desire to leave corporate America and work from home has turned into an expected journey of personal development, spiritual awakening and freedom.Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robbins

I’m aware that for both for myself and my clients my biggest leaps in income often happen when I’ve stepped into a growth that was least expected – and in areas no one in business talked about.

My entire life I had always done the right thing. Went to college. Got married. Had three kids. Bought a custom home in the right neighborhood. Had a secure job at a top fortune 50 company.

I learned the hard way that ‘doing’ the right thing doesn’t always bring happiness and fulfillment – how I am ‘being’ is just as, if not more, important to creating a life of purpose and profitability.

My intention with the Fresh Tracks Podcast is to introduce to you to a variety of different people and ways of being in life and business that you may not have been exposed to before. Holistic ways to approach growing a business and living a life on purpose that leaves you fulfilled.

For many of us it means doing things differently than we have done before, and seeing our personal self and our business holistically. I’ve learned the hard way to grow my business I need to grow myself.

My hope is that as you peruse the collection of audio’s and listen to the wide variety of experts here you’ll walk away with a few good nuggets that you can take and apply to whatever place you are at so you can move forward and take focused action on creating your life on your terms.


Kelly Robbins, MA