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The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

In episode 38 of Fresh Tracks I speak with author and spiritual teacher Edwene Gaines about money and prosperity. Money plays such an important role in our ability to cut Fresh Tracks that it’s presence, or lack of presence, in our life is often the place we make decisions from. Lack of money is often the excuse we give for not stepping into our dreams, for creating those Fresh Tracks in life. Most of us are not aware that there is more to making money and creating a prosperous life than hard work.

Edwene Gaines shares her wisdom and personal experience on how each of us can create prosperity in our lives. From living your divine purpose to understanding the powerful role discontent has in our lives, Edwene shares that trusting our own personal guidance system and understanding Universal Law is what it takes to live a prosperous life. Edwene’s charm and humor motivates and empowers all of us to be the master of money and enrich our lives. All you need to do is give yourself permission to do something different and you just might find a place where life becomes a lot of fun and you have joy and prosperity in your life.

Show Notes:
3:20 – Faith and its role in creating a prosperous life
5:16 – The first step in creating prosperity
8:22 – The important role discontent plays in your life
11:50 – Creating your life consciously vs unconsciously
15:00 – Can you live your divine purpose and a live a prosperous life?
21:00 – You’ve got to have the gumption to grow your business and make money!
25:00 – How lack of forgiveness is affecting your prosperity
30:00 – What debt is REALLY about and how to get rid of it forever

Edwene431About Edwene Gaines
Edwene Gaines, author of the book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance and is owner-director of the Rock Ridge Retreat Center in Valley Head, Alabama. She has made a 100% commitment to the transformation of the abundance consciousness of the world.

An ordained Unity minister since 1979, she is also president of The Masters’ School. She has trained approximately 500 Master Prosperity Teachers. She travels about extensively presenting Prosperity Workshops. She has created and markets CD’s and affirmation cards through her company Prosperity Products.

A Certified Fire Walking Instructor, she facilitates the fire walking Ceremony several times each year.

Edwene has served as a member of the International New Thought Alliance Executive Board. In 2006 she was honored by the International New Thought Alliance with the Torchbearer for New Thought Award. That same year she was honored by Unity Worldwide Ministries with the Light of God Expressing Award at their annual conference. In 2014, she was honored by Emerson Theological Seminary with an honorary doctor of divinity degree.

In 2016 Edwene was awarded an honorary doctorate in humane letters by the Centers for Spiritual Living Holmes Institute.

She is committed to power, passion, prosperity, and performance.

To learn more from Edwene visit www.ProsperityProducts.com

Episode 32 – Integrating Your Many Parts Is Where Creating Fresh Tracks Starts

In episode 32 of Fresh Tracks I speak with Danielle Watson, founder of The Purse Process. Danielle talks with us about the power of taking our many, oftentimes varied selves and integrating them into one that serves the world. How can we own that space in our own unique way? Danielle is a perfect example of this – she has taken her degree in archaeology and anthropology, a successful mobile yoga business owner, and the willingness to break the mold into becoming a successful coach. Danielle shares that reintegrating our many parts into one allows us to use our skills and knowledge in an unconventional way, which we call creating Fresh Tracks.

Danielle took her purse process across the country and helps people take a deep, no-nonsense view of how their actions are affecting their results and how their beliefs are guiding their actions. And yes, she does all this by going through your purse! In this week’s show Danielle also shares her adventures doing her first Ted Talk and talks about her belief that every single person has the skills and knowledge that can be used in unconventional ways. If you’re looking to create fresh tracks you probably already have all the skills and knowledge inside of you – the key is to look for a new context in which to apply them.

Show Notes:
1:45 – The journey of a Fresh Tracker…From archaeologist to mobile yoga instructor to founder of the purse process.
7:30 – Integrating your many parts and how that’s where your Fresh Tracks start.
9:25 – Whatever you’ve collected reflects on who you are, your personal culture, and your beliefs about the world.
11:30 – The surreal experience doing a Ted Talk and her idea worth spreading.
15:45 – Danielle’s major life event only 48 hours before her Ted Talk and how she didn’t let it throw her off.
17:00 – Danielle’s next adventures reintegrating her life and creating new Fresh Tracks.

PP Home PageAbout Danielle Watson
Danielle Watson is a global provocateur, professional muse, choose your own adventurer, and the creator of The Purse Process®.

As an anthropologist who doesn’t like digging in the dirt, Danielle was faced with either walking away from the field she loved, or rising to the challenge of uniting the seemingly irreconcilable. In the process, she hatched something irresistible: The Purse Process®.

Danielle’s Purse Process® is a pioneering tool that applies tried and true principles of archeology in a fresh way, placing a decidedly modern and feminine spin on this dusty science. The Purse Process® is part of the unique tool kit Danielle uses as she guides women through restoring their core confidence, mentors them in achieving self-actualization, and teaches them how to turn their personal quirks into high-value professional assets.

Danielle’s uncommon mix of enthusiasm, personal strength, femininity, and vulnerability has made this unlikely anthropologist a popular, pint-sized inspiration to women everywhere.


Episode 30 – Power up for Profits with Kathleen Gage

Episode 30 – In this week’s show Kathleen Gage shares her insights on business building, and attracting high-level clients. Kathleen also reveals her secrets to creating a variety of income channels and information products that helped put her business on the map. Recognizing when to let go and what skills to use to make decisions are important factors to success Kathleen shares in this week’s show. What’s the difference between letting your ego make important decisions vs learning from the tough experiences we have in business? The answer might be tough for some to swallow!

This inspirational powerhouse has not only been in business for over 20 years, but ran her first marathon for her 61st birthday! She shares the many dangers to running your business in a vacuum – a mistake many new entrepreneurs make. Also the time and place to make a stand for what you believe in and why it’s uber important you get comfortable with your beliefs. Kathleen shares with us her opinion of the most spiritual thing you can do – the answer might not be what you think! Abundance, the importance of following both the Universal and man-made laws, and understanding when and how to grow are all discussed on this week’s show.

Show Notes:
2:00 – How to know when to stay the course and recognize when something is not working
5:02 – One of the biggest keys to Kathleen’s success – it just may surprise you!
6:27 – Why being seen is so important and the dangers of playing a small game
10:24 – What you need to do today to attract Nordstrom level clients
12:00 – The most spiritual thing you can do
15:30 – Following the man-made laws as well as the Universal Laws
18:45 – Kathleen’s secret to creating several income channels and information products
22:00 – Tips for breaking out of stagnation

kathleen-gage-headshot_500x750About Kathleen Gage
The “no-nonsense, common sense” marketing strategist and product creation specialist. She has owned and operated her business consulting firm since 1994.
Kathleen helps entrepreneurs and “bona-fide experts” package their expertise into money making products and services designed to make a positive different in the world. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.

Although Kathleen Gage is best known for her no-nonsense approach to life and business, when not working with clients, creating information products, writing books or speaking on the platform, Kathleen can be found training for a marathon, walking her dogs, working in her many flower gardens, feeding her horses or playing a fierce game of cards.
Her passion and mission are fund raising and increasing awareness for horse and dog rescue organizations.


Episode 08 – Why Boutique Practices Lead to Better Clients, More Income

Episode 08 – How can turning your business into a boutique practice lead to better clients and more income? Listen to this week’s Fresh Tracker Melissa Galt, founder of Prosper by Design, as she shares how creating a boutique business made a significant difference in both her happiness and her income! Melissa shares why she is an advocate for designing a joyful business and some best practices for making more money and loving your life at the same time. Melissa goes in-depth on the difference between an everyday business and a boutique business and how a few strategic decisions can lead to your business being one vs. the other. She includes some advice on the powerful impact saying NO to certain people can make. Melissa wraps up the interview sharing best practices for staying out of social media overwhelm.

5:19 – Is it possible to create a joyful business?
6:32 – Wrapping your business around your life rather than your life around your business
7:34 – The fastest route to creating a successful business
10:30 – Loving your business = loving your life
13:13 – Breaking the “always say yes” program
17:20 – Tips for saying NO to clients that aren’t ideal
21:06 – The difference in having a boutique business vs. an everyday business
27:00 – Melissa’s tips for staying out of social media overwhelm
30:46 – Secret tips for keeping evergreen content relevant – Eliminating the limiter

About Melissa Galt

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women of Influence for Entrepreneurs to follow, Melissa wheadshotMGorks with entrepreneurs to build irresistible boutique brands that stand out in a crowded market and help you make more money with better clients in less time, while loving it more. Melissa believes that you are your own ultimate competitive advantage and by leveraging your unique strengths, she can show you how to make your weaknesses irrelevant.

She is a success strategist, marketing consultant, and business designer focused on showing you step by step how to build your business so it is as unique as you are, and designing it to deliver the lifestyle you dream of and the impact you want to have. Learn more at http://onlinemarketingsocialsolutions.com/