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Episode 32 – Integrating Your Many Parts Is Where Creating Fresh Tracks Starts

In episode 32 of Fresh Tracks I speak with Danielle Watson, founder of The Purse Process. Danielle talks with us about the power of taking our many, oftentimes varied selves and integrating them into one that serves the world. How can we own that space in our own unique way? Danielle is a perfect example of this – she has taken her degree in archaeology and anthropology, a successful mobile yoga business owner, and the willingness to break the mold into becoming a successful coach. Danielle shares that reintegrating our many parts into one allows us to use our skills and knowledge in an unconventional way, which we call creating Fresh Tracks.

Danielle took her purse process across the country and helps people take a deep, no-nonsense view of how their actions are affecting their results and how their beliefs are guiding their actions. And yes, she does all this by going through your purse! In this week’s show Danielle also shares her adventures doing her first Ted Talk and talks about her belief that every single person has the skills and knowledge that can be used in unconventional ways. If you’re looking to create fresh tracks you probably already have all the skills and knowledge inside of you – the key is to look for a new context in which to apply them.

Show Notes:
1:45 – The journey of a Fresh Tracker…From archaeologist to mobile yoga instructor to founder of the purse process.
7:30 – Integrating your many parts and how that’s where your Fresh Tracks start.
9:25 – Whatever you’ve collected reflects on who you are, your personal culture, and your beliefs about the world.
11:30 – The surreal experience doing a Ted Talk and her idea worth spreading.
15:45 – Danielle’s major life event only 48 hours before her Ted Talk and how she didn’t let it throw her off.
17:00 – Danielle’s next adventures reintegrating her life and creating new Fresh Tracks.

PP Home PageAbout Danielle Watson
Danielle Watson is a global provocateur, professional muse, choose your own adventurer, and the creator of The Purse Process®.

As an anthropologist who doesn’t like digging in the dirt, Danielle was faced with either walking away from the field she loved, or rising to the challenge of uniting the seemingly irreconcilable. In the process, she hatched something irresistible: The Purse Process®.

Danielle’s Purse Process® is a pioneering tool that applies tried and true principles of archeology in a fresh way, placing a decidedly modern and feminine spin on this dusty science. The Purse Process® is part of the unique tool kit Danielle uses as she guides women through restoring their core confidence, mentors them in achieving self-actualization, and teaches them how to turn their personal quirks into high-value professional assets.

Danielle’s uncommon mix of enthusiasm, personal strength, femininity, and vulnerability has made this unlikely anthropologist a popular, pint-sized inspiration to women everywhere.


Episode 17 – Trusting Yourself and Why it’s Essential to Your Success

Episode 17 – In this episode of Fresh Tracks we take an in-depth look at trust. Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have – it’s the foundation of every other relationship you have. The fact is there is no blueprint from starting and running a successful business and carving Fresh Tracks in this world. If there was everyone would be doing it. Life is one course correction after another. Trusting yourself is a must for you to have the confidence to cut fresh tracks.

What effect does not trusting yourself have on your life? How does it affect your business results? To trust yourself you have to know yourself, really know yourself and be conscious of what might trigger you to not trust yourself and give yourself time and space to get grounded and make the right decision.

Kelly shares insights into how to tell if you don’t trust yourself – you might not even know you don’t! We then look at what a healthy level of self-trust actually looks like and then have several insights into how to learn to re-trust yourself. Trusting is a skill and can be re-learned.

Show Notes:
3:40 – How to recognize when you don’t trust yourself
7:00 – Self-sabotaging behaviors that reduce our trust in ourselves
10:56 – What self-trust really looks like
14:10 – Putting yourself first and the important role it plays in cultivating trust
18:45 – Learning to trust yourself
23:15 – The unexpected discipline involved in self-trust

KellyHS1_edited-1About Kelly Robbins
Founder of the Fresh Tracks podcast and Kelly Robbins Coaching, Kelly Robbins helps people create their life their way through their business. Kelly believes that we each have a purpose and that purpose is unique to each of us. Getting clear on who you are, your talents and how you best help people allows you to create a business – in fact a lifestyle – by design. You succeed at this not by copying others, but by following your intuition and carving your own unique path in this world. This individuality is what attracts others to you. This is how you create your own happiness.

Kelly is a marketing coach, copywriter and seeker of truth that helps guide folks on their journey to self-empowerment, creating work and life as a fun adventure, and knowing how to lead the right clients to your door consistently. Known for her directness and truth-telling, you can visit www.KellyRobbins.net to learn more about the role marketing and personal development play in starting and growing a business and designing a life of your choosing.

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