Coaching with Kelly

Individual, one-time, private sessions include affirmative prayer and teaching/revealing spiritual truths in any area of your life. In our session you will develop the tools to take charge of your life through effective thinking and spiritual understanding by exploring your own power and potential.

Understanding and mastering Universal Law, Spiritual Principles, and how the use (or misuse) of them effects our lives is imperative to living with purpose and mastering how we manifest. How does consciously understanding and using the natural laws of the universe effect our lives and our ability to cut Fresh Tracks? Our ability to make money? Have healthy relationships? Experience physical and mental health? Enjoy a lucrative career? Not feel lost and alone? We explore these issues in a Spiritual Coaching Session.

A few things about our spiritual coaching session:

  • All sessions are completely confidential.
  • Sessions highlight an understanding of Spiritual Principles and effective thinking.
  • This is a sacred time to explore your own personal power and potential. It is a time for honoring yourself and your journey.

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Kelly's Fresh Tracks