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Lent and the Journey of Release

This week Kelly Robbins takes us on a Lenten Journey of Release. First, we consider what Lent is. From a metaphysical perspective, what is Lent about? Lent is meant to be a period of spiritual growth where we flex our self-discipline muscle. Traditionally this is done by praying, confessing and abstaining or fasting. Abstaining from and letting go of something in our lives. Are we holding on to things that are ready to be released? Why are we holding on to it – what is the story we’ve created behind it?

There is power and healing in letting go of unsupportive stories we’ve been holding on to. Releasing what no longer serves us can change who we are at a deep level. It changes how we know and connect with Spirit and ourselves. Using the energy of Lent as a season for powerful spiritual growth, we take the time now to release physically, energetically and spiritually.

Show Notes

3:40 – What is Lent and the role of self-discipline in our life’s journey
6:50 – Things we hold on to past their time
11:30 – How to identify the stories running your life
15:30 – Why we hold on to things
19:00 – A process for releasing things emotionally
22:00 – The art of reframing your story
24:00 – Guided visualization for release

About Kelly Robbins

Lent and the Journey of ReleaseAuthor of Trust Your Next Step: Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks and the podcast www.FreshTrackswithKellyRobbins.com, Kelly created her first business over 20 years ago, truly embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. Today she helps others live their divine purpose, live life as a fun adventure, and discover how to lead the right clients to their door consistently. Grab a copy of 10 Steps to Creating Your Fresh Tracks now for free here: https://kellyrobbins.net/theedge/